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Much more serious note, today folks.

As I've said before, my wife, my love...has pancreatic cancer. Inoperable because of it's location on the tail of the organ. Chemotherapy is the only treatment, and then when the poison is no longer effective, they explore experimental treatments in clinical trials, an option. Then the inevitable.

That is not my issue. What my issue is, is that she has been unable to hold down solid food now for over a month and a half. She takes her pain meds with food, so she's vomiting up her pain meds long before the dosages get into her bloodstream, so she's forced to try to take another to combat the intense chronic pain the tumor causes in her upper abdomen. This is not indicitave of the chemo, her last infusion was over the three-day treatment started 28 Jan 2020...she's in the ER right now, after two visits to her infusion clinic Thursday and Friday for "hydration" and a pain medication adjustment/different new nausea med. Pain meds called in by the oncologist. Today, Saturday, 08 Feb 2020, I went to the pharmacy we use to pick up her meds, they had one prescription ready, the orally-dissolving nausea med. I asked about the pain meds called in, was told flat out, because her last meds were filled on such and such date, no matter what the doctor orders, won't be filled until the 10th and 11th, respectively. Didn't give a shit, cancer patient not an excuse, the opioid crisis prevented him from allowing anyone to "abuse" the opioids, regardless of the doctor's orders. Period. End of discusson.

I'm livid. Enraged. Furious. And damned determined to help my love have what's left of her life not ravaged in sickness and pain to the point where she just looks at me and says, "I want it to end."

Here in my case:
Ruthie has terminal cancer. Her pancreatic adendocarcinoma will take her life, and she'll never ring the bell. They've repeatedly told her that. She's considering stopping the chemo, the tumor is growing, and has possibly metastasized to her lymph nodes, so soon, it'll be in her bones, her other organs and that's how this monster kills you. The fact that she cannot consume food and feed her body is exacerbating the finality. And the government is afraid she'll become dependent on opioids, so they limit how much she can have. Her agony and circumstances, be damned.

There has to be a window. There has to be something done for people like my love. She's in no way "abusing" her pain meds, she can't utilize all of them because she can't get them in her system, but EVEN IF SHE WAS OVERUSING THEM, WHO CARES!!!??? It's not like she's gonna burden society with a chosen abuse pattern because she gets off on the buzz, she'll be gone long before any dependency could blossom. This cancer is devastatingly painful. How do I know? I've watched every damned minute of it, from day one. There has to be a way for these people, who'll never "ring the bell" to endure their real disease unrestricted in proper pain management because of a "social disease" of street opioid abuse and now, trendy abuse of heroin and fentanyl, because younger and younger people just need to get oblivious because of their horribly unfair lives...

I am not in a position to pay much credence to addict's problems, right now, in part because I don't believe a cyclical pattern of poor choices should be considered a "disease", I believe two things about substance abuse's classification as a "disease"; one, it got treatment covered by insurance, and two, it absolves the abuser of any personal responsibility in the inability to stop, or that famous old cyclical pattern of use, rehab, quit, use, rehab, quit, use, rehab, quit, die. Also paved the way for the "frequent flyer" treatment...if you continually tell someone their abuse problem isn't their fault, how in God's name could you expect them to get enough motivation to change? But, it's "Go forth, hail thine 12-step, fail, and repeat. We'll help you!"
If substance abuse is a disease, why don't I have it? I'm a '50s baby, childhood in the '60s, teens/20's in the '70s, been drinking alcohol since I was in my pre-teens, not regularly, but socially, and I've experimented with a few trendy street drugs over the years, none of which became a regular "recreational" imbibement, or an addiction. How is that, given I see a plethora of intel out there stating that alcohol and drug addictions are a disease...why don't I have it? Why don't a hell of a lot of people I know, have it...some who still dabble in occasional use of coke and some of meth??? They're not on the streets, OD'd, committing crimes, homeless, crying for public (aka, taxpayer...) assistance...none of that shit. They go to work, are productive, law-respecting citizens, who party like 20-something's on occasion. Not in rehab, no reason to go. I don't drink hard liquor much at all, but I try to have a beer or two every day, because I like beer. And when I run out, I don't have to immediately replentish the depleted stocks, sometimes I go days and never have a beer. How come this disease escapes me and those I know who dabble...why does it seemingly only affect the weakest-willed...??? Believe me when I say the jury's still out on "selective disease" theory...I believe if it's a disease, everybody will catch it at one time or another, after exposure.
This is exactly why I feel this "disease" dung needs to be addressed as such. If you know, acknowledge, and/or have been treated for a substance abuse, and end up back in rehab, using and/or drinking again, just as an astounding number do...that doesn't demonstrate a disease, that demonstrates no willingness to abandon your selfish "comfort" and shake the monkey off your back. Wonder why they termed it that, back in the day, about heroin, but filtered down to other forms of "high"...?? Because I'll guarantee you this, I too, got a disease once, that almost killed me, earned me an artificial heart valve at 37 years old, and when I got rid of it, I didn't have to go back, and get treated again, and again because I wanted more poison...bank that. So I find fault with addiction and disease used in the same context.

I don't feel that my love, or anyone else in her situation, with a deadly disease, one not brought on by any choice, should have to pay for perfectly healthy people's poor choices, when her affliction had not a damned thing to do with a choice or abuse of anything, of any kind. Yet her pain management is mandated/dictated under a blanket, knee-jerk rule by our "leadership" in government to combat yet another socially-exacerbated "crisis"...when her circumstances are dire to her life, and not the taxpayer.

Only thing I know to do is to get the word out, get my message out, and call every elected servant who begs money for more votes that if they want mine, they'll listen to me and what I have to say, and do something about the people who'll never ring the bell, or they can stick the vote.
And I'd also appreciate anyone who reads this, and agrees, of course, to give the site a shoutout, I want the word to get out. Ruthie and other non-bellringers need your help.
I emailed an Arizona Senator and an Arizona Representative with my story. I received automated responses that guaranteed personal response by both parties...I will keep this website updated with their responses. In the meantime, expect to hear my story loud.
I want to do this in honor of the most deserving, serving, kind, loving, huge-hearted person I know, probably the least deserving of this horror among a plethora of candidates on this rock, my love, my wife, my rock...my Ruthie. Ruthie's Law. Sounds damned good to me. So please help me. No, help Ruthie, and other's in her corner.
I vow to get her, and other's, some justice and some care, so help me God.
I love you, Ruthie.


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